Notes on Cinema

Updated: Oct 6

I would like to open this video by saying that the ideas exposed in the following essay are conformed upon my very reduced knowledge or experience in the art of Cinema, in fact I've only learn about movies either watching them or trying to make them for over 10 years

I often read critics and articles that bash and shits over years of work and effort that takes to make a movie, careers have been destroyed due to bad critics that lead to bad results in the box office and there are even some directors that have taken action into actually trying to fight their haters and critics

This lead me to think about this: why the hell do we even try to make movies? and how are they useful now on a society over saturated of content available through social media, cable tv and whatever other medium in between, every one of them available 24/7 to entertain you, now even more at this times of pandemics

here's the link of full article by the New York Times:

So, there is a lot of content out there but, why does cinema keeps being that important to culture?, why do we keep consuming it over other type of media?

Is cinema made of dreams?

At this point I think that they feed upon each other, movies are meant to somehow complement and feed into our stream of consciousness, it allows us to be a different person in a completely different context, playing by the rules of the universe created on the screen

True cinema has a soul

Cinema gives you perspective, one that's different from yours. It makes you compare the current state of affairs of your reality for good or bad, it takes you to a place that you've never been and still connects with the very element that we all share: Humanity

Cinema is powerful when is relatable

Now, in the midst of the coronavirus era and the "new normality" (whatever that means) it's even more difficult to engage with others, social distancing and the fear of being exposed to this virus turns our everyday life into a weird and hostile experience that makes us want to go out less or in some cases prevents us to go out at all

But hey! We still have popcorn and Jackie Chan...

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