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How to create engaging Social Media Content

Updated: May 7

Writing for social media can be overwhelming.

Every time I sit down and open the computer, thousands of ideas on what to do with my attention start popping out in my head. Random facts, memes, and videos of kittens overflow the stream of my feed, and to be able to catch people's attention we have to understand that not always posting a cup of coffee can be considered as “good content” (Unless of course that you are in the coffee making business or make a killer latte art). 

not bad huh?

Understanding what’s relevant for your audience is key to maintain an ongoing conversation that can make them interested on your insight.

In order to do so, here’s three ways you can create insightful content to your peers. 

1.- Be a pioneer in a community, explore new ideas or tools and share the process and insight in those tools, 

Be frank and show your expertise in an organic matter, make sure to keep it casual and personal. 

2.- Show up on other people’s feed, comment on something and interact with intention of connection. After 2020 tan online presence has became integral for an online presence. 

3.- Just ask yourself about the type of content you already consume, analyze it through and distill the key elements

That keep your attention and the way the ideas are presented, is it a laugh? A thought?. 

I hope you find this post helpful, see you on the next one!.

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