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We made our first teaser trailer for an AI shortfilm

What year is it? 2024

And yes, we just made that, and no, it was not super fast. It took a lifetime of experiences and a good pour-down of ideas to get this project from handwriting to an actual trailer.

The story was all over the place when I showed it to Sergio, who at the moment, offered to assist me in co-writting the script for "Fábrica de Galletas Chinas" or "The Chinese Cookie Factory".

With this, a new era for this project started. What at first was just a blob of ideas, memories and archival material, started to come to life slowly.

The opportunity arise for us to take part on the Curious Refugee Competition, which invited artist to participate with a trailer made with mostly AI. As the project was advanced enough, we decided to take part of it.

So, here it is, the trailer:

Between the tools we used to start this shor tfilm are:

  • Midjourney for prompt making (kudos for they cref and sref updates!)

  • RunwayML

  • DaVinci (post-production)

  • Archival material (personal)

  • Memories

If you liked our project, please consider dropping us a vote here:

Thanks again for reading and making it all the way to the end :)

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