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San Francisco - Top 3 locations to visit for a short stay

When I first booked this trip I was not sure what to expect from San Francisco, even though I had visited a few times when I was a teenager.

I was surprisingly re-enchanted with this city, it has a charm, and a vibe of goodness.

Did you know the fog has a name in San Francisco? His name is: Karl.

Carl really took my breath away, as a living movement in the sky. Truly the sky feels alive in San Francisco.

Here is my top 3 locations to visit if you are short on time when visiting SF (awesome feels, pictures and moments):

  1. SF MoMa

2. Conservatory of Flowers

3. Japanese Tea Garden

If you want to dive into more detail of each location you can take a look into this video here:

I hope you enjoyed this brief guide!

Also.... remember that SF is a windy city, so take a jacket with you (yes, even in summer time).



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