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The limits of control

Systems and habits are maybe the two most important things that you need to work on if you ever plan to see results. Without them I used to wander around consuming every bit of self-help content, that wouldn't let me action because I always felt that no matter how much reading or watching endless videos I wasn't capable enough to even start doing the things that I wanted to do.

The workaholic paradox

There's a direct correlation between the little things that you do each day, since waking up to when you get to sleep this small things that you would think don't matter are actually the things that determine if you will reach your goals or not.

One day of skipping exercise or meditation could lead you to feel less motivated and focused, anxious or even depressed.

Motivation often comes from doing something and seeing results, and in this time of excessive content consumption and sedentary habits it gets difficult to have patience and plan to success.

If you're already in that vicious loop here's some advice on how to fight it.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unplug from any device (at least for a few hours)

  2. Engage into any hobby that you enjoy

  3. Practice meditation or any physical activity

  4. Keep a journal

  5. Go for a walk (if you can)

Remember that your sanity is more important that sending that e-mail, so chill.

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